T-2 days until the Bees are here!

Sugar water made and hives are all set up! We are getting very excited for Friday! 🐝🐝


Happy Cinco De Bee-O! πŸ

It was a busy day at Twin Bears Maple Works!

Eric sanitized the evaporator in the sugar shack and set up the bee yard. Electric fence and all…You are not getting our bees Justin timBEARlake!! 🐻

Thank god we could put the twins to work!! (Just kidding. They loved running around with Grandpa & Bentley. They also enjoyed the wheel barrows Mem & Pep sent!)

The Beeyard all laid out

Fence wire up, mulched & cinderblocks for hive stands.

Another angle to show the gate opening. All that’s left is to hook up the fence energizer!

Hives are all ready to be painted tomorrow!

We also have some Twin Bears Swag ready to ship to sunny Florida!

We hope you enjoyed this beautiful spring day like we did!


The trees have started to bud and..

Maple season has come to an end. It’s been a crazy and busy 6 weeks. We have a little syrup left to bottle but most is ready to be labeled and shipped to its new home for pancakes, toast, granola or all the other amazing uses for this natural sweetener.

Here is the nutritional information for those that need to know (zero fat 😏). Yep it’s all natural sugars from our colorful maple trees.

As will all real maple syrup it needs to be refrigerated once opened. Or kept in the freezer for longer storage. It won’t really freeze, just get super thick. There are more storage tips on ever bottle.

Unless your a heavy user the pint size will work for most people. We have a few half gallons, but I suspect those will go quick. Most of the syrup is Grade A medium Amber. We have a few bottles that are dark Amber.

We will have prices posted very shortly. If interested start sending us a FB message or email from the site. We will put everyone on the list, first come first served.

We will try to consolidate orders to save on shipping, i.e. if you live near someone else else that ordered (and Freinds) and want to save $ we will ship together and split the shipping. If you prefer to not save shipping please note that in your message and we will ship separate.

Thanks for all the positive words and support this year!

Beehive assembly day!

Today was beehive assembly day! It was a wonderful afternoon. It was only me and another twin boy mom. She is also a financial advisor…if you know my past life then you know my mind was blown! We had a moment like the stepbrothers movie “what!?” “Did we just become best friends?!” “YUP!!”

Above is a picture of the first assembled hive and 10 frames!

This week I will be busy assembling the rest of the hive supers and painting them and assembling the rest of the frames. Also getting the bee yard prepared and electric fence up and running. You could say we are busy bees!!!

Stay tuned for May 11th…Bee day!!!


Maple Sugar!

I gave it a try this evening at making maple sugar. My first go around I made a rookie mistake and heated the syrup to 235 degrees. (This is the temperature you heat the syrup to if you want to make candy). So we had some maple candy-BONUS. Pretty awesome mistake if you ask me and it was twin approved!

We need to figure out how to keep the mistake batch this caramel consistency- ice cream sundaes anyone?!?!

The second try I heated the syrup to 262 degrees and with a few minutes in the kitchen aid mixer we had sugar. We can’t wait to try it in our coffee tomorrow morning.

Cheers!, Tiffany

Sweet sugar victory!

We have syrup!

It was an exciting weekend, we bottled our first 2 gallons of Maple Syrup. Β Take a look at the process below.


It’s starting to thaw here and things are getting muddy. Β  We should see lots of sap flow this week. Β Can’t wait to report back what we make!

Kodiak Cakes Waffles and Delicious Maple Syrup! Twins Approved πŸ™‚

Honeybees are fascinating!

With the first day of spring upon us I’m dreaming of May for our honeybee packages to arrive! Due to the crazy weather we have been experiencing they have been delayed a week (hopefully not longer). We were very excited for our Cinco De BEE-o party but it will be Once De BEE-o in this house.

There are so many miss conceptions about honeybees. The truth is they are amazing creatures and are responsible for pollinating many of our necessary items we eat daily. Bee pollen is different from airborne pollen that most of us are allergic too. If we don’t have bees to pollinate we would see a collapse in many plants near and dear to our hearts. We hope to thaw soon so we can get back to sugaring. Next time we will talk about what happens to the drones after they mate. On second thought we probably shouldn’t bring that up…

“If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.” -Albert Einstein

Checkout this YouTube: 7 Amazing Bee Facts year

Maybe honeybees really are my spirit animal! -Tiffany