It was a great evening in the sugar shack!


Thank you to our awesome neighbor for starting the boiling at 3:30 this afternoon. Terry estimated we are getting 10 gallons of sap an hour running into the tank. Check out all the sweetness we bottled!


Maple Sugar!

I gave it a try this evening at making maple sugar. My first go around I made a rookie mistake and heated the syrup to 235 degrees. (This is the temperature you heat the syrup to if you want to make candy). So we had some maple candy-BONUS. Pretty awesome mistake if you ask me and it was twin approved!

We need to figure out how to keep the mistake batch this caramel consistency- ice cream sundaes anyone?!?!

The second try I heated the syrup to 262 degrees and with a few minutes in the kitchen aid mixer we had sugar. We can’t wait to try it in our coffee tomorrow morning.

Cheers!, Tiffany

Sweet sugar victory!

Honeybees are fascinating!

With the first day of spring upon us I’m dreaming of May for our honeybee packages to arrive! Due to the crazy weather we have been experiencing they have been delayed a week (hopefully not longer). We were very excited for our Cinco De BEE-o party but it will be Once De BEE-o in this house.

There are so many miss conceptions about honeybees. The truth is they are amazing creatures and are responsible for pollinating many of our necessary items we eat daily. Bee pollen is different from airborne pollen that most of us are allergic too. If we don’t have bees to pollinate we would see a collapse in many plants near and dear to our hearts. We hope to thaw soon so we can get back to sugaring. Next time we will talk about what happens to the drones after they mate. On second thought we probably shouldn’t bring that up…

“If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.” -Albert Einstein

Checkout this YouTube: 7 Amazing Bee Facts year

Maybe honeybees really are my spirit animal! -Tiffany